Vertical Doy Zip Bagger

Bosch Vertical Doy Zip Bagger



SVE 2520 DZ Doy Zip Bagger

Charles Downer & Co. presents the latest in vertical Doy Zip bagger technology from Bosch.

Bosch’s SVE 2520 DZ offers premium quality with maximum production speed and efficiency.

Doy Zip will lift your brand to new heights!  With an attractive shape, glossy finish and high quality design, Doy Zip packaging enhances your products’ shelf appeal and excites consumers.

Doy Zip is also more functional. Its integrated zipper lets your customers reclose the bag so they can keep you products fresher and easy to access.

The new SVE 2520 DZ bagger offers 50 percent higher output per square meter than horizontal machines with Doy Zip functionality. And, at only 6 square metres, it requires up to three times less space than horizontal machines, allowing you to maximize your production floor.

The end result? Premium quality packaging and a lower total cost of ownership than with horizontal machines.

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The SVE 2520 DZ has a number of key features that include:

  • Enhance consumer preference with high-quality Doy Zip bags
    • Large area for print graphics
    • Unique shape
    • Straight edge lines
    • Air tight seals – even around the zipper
    • Same quality as those produced in horizontal machines
  • Get to market faster with high-speed Doy Zip production
    • 100 Doy Zip bags per minute
    • Fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger on the market
    • Continuous motion
    • Intelligently engineered zipper application for perfect alignment
    • Achieves top quality at high speeds
  • Save production space with the small footprint of a vertical bagger
    • Lower cost per bag
    • 50% higher output per square meter than horizontal machines
    • Only 6 square meters in size (three times less space than horizontal machines)


Additional benefits

  • Differentiate your product with a variety of popular bag styles on the same machine
  • Simplify production with a solution that is easy to operate and maintain
  • Safeguard your operation with proven and reliable technology – SVE series
  • Adapt and grow with Bosch’s Module++ family of easily integrated packaging solutions
  • Increase uptime with fast changeover times: up and running in only 45 minutes when switching from pillow style to Doy Zip