SVC 4020


A hygienic SVC Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging machine platform

Our colleagues at Bosch Packaging Technology debuted the SVC 4020 at PackExpo 2013 and FachPack 2013. The SVC 4020 is the first machine in their new hygienic and flexible vertical packaging machine platform.

It is an ideal solution for packaging fresh and frozen foods in pillow bags. Additional machines in the platform will be available with pack styles that can handle a wide variety of free-flowing dry, wet and frozen food products.

Bosch engineers designed the SVC with simplicity, versatility and cleanability in mind. Their focus was on creating a hygienic design to help customers meet a wide variety of food handling regulations and maximize business opportunities.



The SVC 4020 has a number of key features that include:

  • Streamlined design that simplifies operation
    • Stainless steel frame and streamlining result in clutter-free workspaces
    • Electrical cabinet incorporated within the machine frame reduces the number and length of cords and  cables
    • Quick and tool-less format changeovers reduce downtime
    • Easy-to-operate via an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) that reduces training time and improves productivity
  • Versatility to package most free-flowing products and the ability to react quickly to changing end-user demands
    • Product handling ranging from sensitive dry infant powders to nuts, confectionery products, mixed salads, cheese, protein, frozen food
    • Ability to accommodate multiple bag styles
      • Pillow, side gusseted, stand-up, corner seal and doy 
    • Various reclose and easy opening features in different sizes up to 400mm 
    • Choice of sealing technology
      • Includes poly heat seal (PHS), heat seal (HS) and ultrasonic 
  • Simplified cleaning and a wide range of hygienic features meet specific customer requirements 
    • Dry cleaning configuration available for basic wiping
    • Wet cleaning by wiping down with simple cleaning agents
    • Intense cleaning with foam cleaning agents using the “washdown” configuration 
    • Additional hygienic features provide proper drainage and prevent food residue
    • Upgraded components for optional increased hygiene levels 
  • Fast film speeds
    • Film input provides operators with optimum access and enhanced speed for threading and splicing in new film
    • Fewer rollers compared to previous generations of packaging 
      • Increases bag per minute speeds
    • Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) has been incorporated in the basic design philosophy to reassure producers of continuously running production at highest efficiency


Packaging Styles

There are a variety of package styles available to handle the different hygienic packaging needs. These include:

Pillow Pack Side Gusset Stand Up Corner Seal Doy Style
Pillow pack Side gusseted Stand up Corner seal Doy style


Key Benefits

  • Complete hygienic design with stainless steel frame and Bosch’s new wiring concept
  • Tool-less bag style changeovers for high speed production
  • Intuitive HMI for easier operations
  • Multiple bag styles to choose from including pillow, gusseted, stand-up, corner seal and doy style
  • Various cleaning modes (dry, wet or washdown) to suit a variety of applications
  • Optional sealing technologies including PHS, HS and ultrasonic
  • Powerful direct drive film shaft moving the complete role for enhanced hygiene
  • Compact footprint: 1.7 meter (w) x 2.4 meter (l) x 2.0 meter (h)


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