SN Horizontal Pouch Machines



SN horizontal pouch machines are the ideal solution for economical pouch packaging.  The key features distinguishing SN are its "Made in Germany" qualities: wealth of ideas, hard work, precision, care, reliability and an exceptionally high level of commitment. 

Put the power of German engineering to work on your production floor.  SN technology is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of horizontal pouch packaging machinery.  It has set the standards in the industry for gripper technology, servo motion control, and sealing stations.

SN designs a wide variety of custom-made FFS and FS machines and dosing systems.  These versatile pouch packaging machines are effective for most products, packaging formats, and filler speeds. Whatever the product, SN machines always meet one particular standard: the lowest conceivable costs per piece of pouch.

Every SN horizontal pouch machine is custom designed for your production floor.  A team of pouch packaging specialists designs and produces each machine with the goal of meeting the highest production speed, maximum accuracy, constant quality of pouches, and extremely low energy and maintenance costs.

FL 515 Quinta Features

  • 5 pouches at once
  • 500 pouches per minute
  • 20% increase in output over previous machines
  • Potential to reduce energy consumption by 20% per pouch
  • Thinner film – reducing cost, energy consumption, and CO2 production
  • Example product: size 110 x 210.5 mm package, with 340 g of tomato sauce, hot filled and without over spilling effect.



  • function reliability
  • exceptionally long life
  • machine availability is 99% +
  • typically well over 50,000 hours of operation
  • high quality standards in production