Shrink-Wrap Packer


Shrink wrap machine for industrial packaging  

In our opinion, the best packaging equipment for shrink-wrapping

Zambelli Packaging Machinery manufactures the best packaging equipment for shrink-wrap tray packing, shrink-wrapping cases or shrink-bundling. Whether you need to pack containers in a tray or case using shrink-wrap or if you need to produce a shrink-wrapped bundle, Zambelli’s equipment will provide you with the ability to produce the highest quality finished product.

Key Benefits

  • Compact design dramatically reduces machine footprint
  • Heavy duty 10mm steel frame construction produces extreme rigidity and long term performance
  • Unique cantilevered design improves operator safety and component serviceability while reducing cleaning requirements
  • Improved mechanicals includes sealed and perpetually lubricated bearings, pre-stretched perpetually lubricated chains, Rockwell Automation servo drives, nut-locked shafts to prevent slippage and clutch protection for all mechanical groups
  • Premium electrical components supplied by Rockwell Automation
  • The industry's most efficient Heat Tunnel reduces energy consumption by 30% using a tuned manifold air distribution system


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