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Operating sequence


Flexibility and Versatility at Its Best

PSG LEE machinery provides a new level of flexibility and versatility with their pouch filling machines. Whether liquids, solids, piece goods, meat products, poultry, fish, granules or powders, by switching out the fillers, different types of products can be filled using the same equipment.

The PSG LEE pouch filling machine can handle a wide variety of pouches including bottom gusset/standup pouches with or without press-to-close zippers, shaped pouches, slider zipper pouches, corner fitment pouches, pillow pouches and optional 4-side seal pouches. The PSG LEE is the most popular pre-made pouch machine in the USA and for excellent reasons. It is a highly mechanical machine that is built for harsh environments and a 24/7/365 production schedule.


Operating Sequence

  1. Pouch loads into grippers.
  2. Pouch top and zipper opens by patented “diving zipper” opening device. Pouch date coding.
  3. Pouch bottom/gusset opens by air jet with additional vacuum opening station for hard to open pouches.
  4. Pouch forms. Open detection system provides mechanical traveling fingers to ensure properly opened pouch and enables the filling nozzle to dive into the pouch.
  5. Pouch fills by PPiTG supplied pump system. If there is no pouch, there is no fill, no seal and no loss of pouch.
  6. Top seals with first heat seal using pressure and constant heat.
  7. Top seals with second heat seal. An optional final seal using pressure and constant heat is available.
  8. Top cools using water chiller unit and discharge (see options)


Key Benefits

  • Sealed press-to-close zipper profiles are in the top of pouches
  • Zipper closure on the final seal ensures that the zipper is mechanically closed and the product is not present in the zipper track when a consumer first opens the pouch
  • Pouch coding is accomplished with the included thermal date code unit (see options for characters) or the PPiTG supplied VideoJet Inkjet style code date unit (see options)
  • Positive pouch opening station uses a vacuum and an air jet.  An additional vacuum device for gusset opening of hard to open and foil pouches is available.
  • Reduction of waste and pouch loss through the pouch detection sensing system
  • Product settling / support device under fill station stabilizes heavy pouches
  • Integrated pouch heated top seal has individual temperature control


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