Our reputation rests on our ability to provide top quality, reliable packaging and robotics equipment to our customers.

By partnering with select suppliers, we are best able to ensure our customers’ success.


Bosch Packaging Systems is one of the world's leading companies in the development, manufacturing and sale of packaging and handling systems, including flexible robotic solutions for pharmaceuticals as well as various other industrial products such as foodstuffs, pet foods, health care products and personal care applications.

Our relationship spans the Bosch companies including Bosch Packaging Systems (Sigpak, PAAL), Bosch Packaging Machines Vertical (Waiblingen, Weert), Bosch Packaging Machines Robotics (Demaurex) and Bosch Packaging Machines USA (Doboy).



Imaforni Int’l SpA is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of complete automatic systems for baked products. Their production consists of four types of product lines that are used for producing hard, soft, wire-cut biscuits and crackers; cakes, plum-cakes and leavened pastries; Swiss rolls; and lady fingers.



Euroimpianti has rapidly become the leader in the production and commercialization of robotic palletizing systems, pick-and-place units, laser-guided vehicles and complete systems for end-line automation. The engineering division furnishes projects for turn-key plants that are tailored to specific requests from various industries, including food, preserves, dairy, wine, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tobacco, publishing, paper products and mechanical.

Our relationship includes the Euroimpianti companies Europianti SpA and C&D Skilled Robotics.





Hildebrand AG has been one of the leading global providers of industrial cleaning systems and automation technology.



Bader BPS Packaging Solutions specializes in supplying packaging machines, equipment, materials and services to the bottle filling and solid product packaging industries. With 30 years of international experience, Bader is a member of Germany’s “Packaging Valley”.



Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. is a Dutch company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of product counting and packaging systems.



PPI Technologies GROUP manufactures stand-up pouch and tray sealing machinery including pouches with slider and press-to-close zippers from printed laminated roll stock films and prefabricated pouches with spout fitments.





Riley Product Handling Ltd. has been committed to developing product-handling solutions for more than 25 years.




Rotzinger AG is a Swiss-based company founded in 1948 and is a world-renowned specialist in buffer systems and logistic modules. Their recent acquisition of Transver AG brings belt band (curved conveyor) equipment into their suite of offerings.


Zambelli Packaging Machinery designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and services tray-packing and shrink-wrapping equipment.