Newsletter: Fall 2013

September 2013

Completing the Turnkey System Approach

In the last few newsletters, we’ve presented solutions for primary and secondary packaging, processing and product handling equipment including some sustainable packaging solutions. To complete our turnkey system approach, this newsletter will outline a few select offerings for front-end and back-end solutions needed in the production process.

And later this month we’ll be attending both Pack Expo and IBIE in Las Vegas. Hopefully we can see you there!



Imaforni Baking Equipment – The Depositor Machine

imaforni baking equipment

Imaforni is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial baking equipment. Their range of product offerings includes mixers, dough feeding systems, formers, ovens, post-oven systems and auxiliary equipment.

Imaforni’s equipment is used to produce hard sweet biscuits and crackers, softdough cookies, muffins, layer cakes and swiss rolls.

Biscuits such as the ubiquitous Danish butter cookies are made using the Imaforni Depositor machine. It has been designed to handle a wide range of dough types and recipes for a variety of customer needs and is the world leader in processing very soft dough. 




Bosch Bar Production Technology - The Bosch Contiline

Bosch contiline Bar Production Technology schematic

Bosch’s Packaging Technology Division is, in our minds, the undisputed innovator in the packaging equipment field. Their Bar Production Technology team recognized the growing worldwide market for confectionary, cereal and muesli bars and has developed the Bosch Contiline to address the production difficulties associated with these sweet, sticky bars.

As always, the Bosch machines and related systems represent the highest technical standards, flexibility and efficiency. They can be inherently adapted to individual customer needs as well as specific market requirements.

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C&D Skilled Robotics – End-of-line Industrial Automation

Automatic palletizing systemThe Italian company C&D Skilled Robotics designs and produces a number of solutions for end-of line industrial automation including:

  • Automatic palletizing systems based on its Skilled® robots technology,
  • Logistics systems utilizing their Skilled® Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV), 

  • Automatic Truck Loading (ATL) systems that are a part of their Skilled® Laser Guided Vehicles,
  • Turnkey integrated end-of-line systems that combine palletizing solutions with logistics applications. 

To finish up our discussions about completing the turnkey system approach, we will be discussing the features and key benefits of the Skilled ant 101 palletizing robot and the Skilled 800 laser guided vehicle.

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Pack Expo and IBIE in Las Vegas

pack expo brandPack Expo 2013 September 23 – 25, 2013
IBIE 2013 October 6 - 9, 2013

Billed as “The Premier Packaging and Processing Trade Event”, Pack Expo showcases state-of-the-art materials, machinery and methods for processing and packaging. IBIE or Baking ExpoTM  is the most complete source for equipment, ingredients and supply solutions for the baking industry.

The team from Charles Downer & Co. is once again attending both PackExpo and IBIE in Las Vegas. We will be presenting our portfolio of equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and confectionery industries alongside our key suppliers. It’s the perfect opportunity to see our range of equipment offerings in one convenient location.

To book a meeting time, email or call the office at 905 882-2222. 

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