Multi-packer - Product Labels Instead of Cartons




labels instead of cartons


Product Labels Instead of Cartons 

A multipacker offers suppliers with a cost competitive bundling system for their products. Individual packages still provide consumers with the familiar consumer-friendly separation of individual products however, labels are used to bundle the packages where boxes might have been used in the past.

The results are that packaging materials are significantly reduced while a higher degree of flexibility for changeover is grantedto the manufacturer. This is a result of the process not requiring a changeover of system parts and materials due to different sizes of the product. Changes now become a simple exchange of labels.

With this new streamlined packaging method, changeover-times are minimized and holding times can be considerably reduced.

The “emkon. Multipacker” is a great example of a machine that does an excellent job of meeting these functional requirements. The unit arranges pre-packed individual products by means of perforated labels to a unit and forwards them to an optional traypacker that finally packs the units into the trays. Take a look at the video to see what we mean.  


Key Benefits

  • Very small footprint
  • Product exchange with short set-up times
  • Substantial reduction of packaging material
  • Superior machine operation using one-sided handling
  • Economical bundling of individual products


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