Entry-level VFFS

SVI 2600 Vertical Bagger


Entry-level VFFS technology suits a wide range of industries

Bosch’s entry-level SVI 2600 VFFS machine is an intermittent vertical bagger that is now available to our customers. The machine caters to the needs of small to mid-sized manufacturers who are interested in automating their packaging processes. It also gives large manufacturers a cost-effective solution for small-volume processing or for test marketing new products. 

For reliable high-efficiency packaging, the SVI 2600 incorporates the same technologies employed on Bosch’s higher-end baggers including servo-driven cross-sealing units, vacuum belts and Bosch/Beckhoff controls. The intermittent motion bagger can be easily combined with existing equipment. It produces pillow, side-gusseted and block-bottom bags with rates of up to 120 bags per minute.

The SVI 2600 is a great solution for manufacturing mid-speed, standard bag styles. These can be pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags.

The machine can package a wide range of foods such as snacks, grains, confections, coffee, pet food, cereal, powders and pasta as well as a range of non-foods. We particularly like its ability to easily integrate with various dosing devices ranging from check weighers and augers to cup fillers, as well as with a variety of down-stream secondary packaging solutions.



The SVI 2600 VFFS machine has a number of key features that include:

  • Servo controlled intermittent motion machine design
    • PLC controlled servo-technology and electronics
    • Memory for 96 programs and servo-technology for all functions enabling the selection of cycle independent programs at the touch of a button
  • Low maintenance and servicing
    • Fast and easy changeover with quick change sets
    • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Designed for ease of operation
    • Easy to use operating panel
    • Color touch screen HMI for process monitoring and data input plausibility check
    • Packaging material splicing and cutting table
    • Easily accessible interior
  • Highly productive and superior quality results
    • High speeds with fast product flow resulting in higher productivity
    • Minimum film waste
    • Vacuum assisted belt draw-off (no slippage) and synchronously moving sealing jaws for high-speed reproducible seams with minimum packaging material overlap
    • Packaging material reel spindle with pneumatically actuated tensioning segments
    • Constant high sealing force during the entire cross seam sealing process and consistent quality of the longitudinal seam
    • Monitoring of “Product in cross seam”


Packaging Styles

There are a variety of package styles available to handle different customer packaging needs. These include:

Pillow Pack Side Gusset Stand Up
Pillow pack Side gusseted Stand up


Key Benefits

  • Superior quality associated with Bosch equipment available in an entry level bagger
  • Uses a number of the same technologies found on high end baggers, providing the same reliable, high efficiency operation in these entry-level baggers
  • Set-up and changeover times have been reduced through the operator friendly design