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Skilled Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV)

C&D Skilled Robotics – End-of-line Industrial Automation

The Italian company C&D Skilled Robotics designs and produces a number of solutions for end-of line industrial automation including:

  • Automatic palletizing systems based on its Skilled® robots technology,
  • Logistics systems utilizing their Skilled® Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV), 

  • Automatic Truck Loading (ATL) systems that are a part of their Skilled® Laser Guided Vehicles,
  • Turnkey integrated end-of-line systems that combine palletizing solutions with logistics applications. 

To finish up our discussions about completing the turnkey system approach, we will be discussing the features and key benefits of the Skilled ant 101 palletizing robot and the Skilled 800 laser guided vehicle.


SKILLED ant 101

The SKILLED ant 101 is a simple palletizing robot requiring no special installation, has a modular construction and can be adapted to any pre-existing product conveyor and packaging line. It is pre-assembled at the factory and transported to our customers in a standard shipping container. Upon delivery, the machine is ready for use.

The software for the SKILLED ant 101 allows for independent customized configurations. Its management requires no prior knowledge of robot programming and/or robot programming languages. Two operator interfaces are available and both are pre-configured with a number of safety features.

There are a number of different SKILLED ant 101 models that are suitable for a variety of automation requirements including:

  • Single pallet stations
  • Double pallet stations
  • Double barrier configurations that allow vehicle access without requiring the robot to be stopped
  • Automatic pallet magazines
  • Slip sheet magazines where the slip sheet gripper is incorporated into the robot gripper
  • Conveyors for pallets.

As for options, they include a variety of infeeds, changing devices, safeguards and grippers.


Key Benefits

  • Pre-configured and pre-assembled at the factory
  • 10 cycles / minute operating speed
  • 30 kg (66.14 lb) weight capacity
  • Adaptable to any pre-existing product conveyor and packaging line
  • Software allows for independent customized configurations
  • A number of different models available to meet various automation requirements
  • Variety of options are available


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Skilled 800

The Skilled 800 is a Laser Guided Vehicle system that, together with the palletizing systems, allows for complete “end-of-line” automation. The resulting cost savings and significant improvements in production management provide a number of competitive advantages.

The laser guiding system is similar to an electronic “eye” using reflectors positioned on the surrounding walls alongside “triangulation” to determine the exact position of the vehicle. This allows it to carry out its required tasks in the operating area.


Key Benefits

  • Capable of transporting different products and pallets
  • Able to travel through a variety of production lines including between storage and trucking areas
  • Security class 1 laser guiding system eliminates alterations to flooring
  • Route changes easily performed using the CAD system
  • Easily adaptable to future production needs
  • Client wireless Ethernet (WLAN) radio communication
  • Portable hand-held operator unit allows non-automatic operations and displays vehicle information
  • Master Control Unit constantly maintains contact between the central control unit and the vehicle
  • 8-plus hour battery life with low battery recognition technology and automatic return to battery charging station
  • Compliant with current safety rules and regulations including front and back anti-collision PLS sensors and side bumpers
  • Remote service support


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