The Bosch Elematic 3001

Bosch Elematic 3001 Wrap-Around Casepacker


The Bosch Elematic 3001 Wrap-Around Casepacker has great packaging flexibility

The Bosch Elematic 3001 Wrap-Around Casepacker is now available for our customers. It can accommodate a wide variety of format requirements as well as various pack styles, ranging from the simple tray to the two-part, shelf-ready display packaging.

The 3001 follows the lowerater principle for packing chunky products. By wrapping the collated product with the packaging material it is easy to produce and transport compact and robust packaging.

Through the two level technology the Elematic 3001 has a great packaging flexibility. The machine can work with cardboard and corrugated board, as well as in combination. 



  • Focus on ergonomics and safety
    • Lowered carton magazine results in easier and safer machine operation
    • Optimized glue refilling process with an external hot glue tube minimizes operator burns


  • Ability to handle many different pack styles including tray, classic full wrap-around and two-part, shelf-ready packaging
    • Beneficial to manufacturers supporting different brands and products with a variety of pack styles and formats
    • Range of up to 400 x 600 x 285mm
    • Maximum blank size of 900 x 1200mm


  • “Elematic click system” 
    • Easy and tool-less packaging format changeovers
    • An audible sound indicates the format changeover has been successful
    • Higher efficiency as time-consuming corrections are eliminated and errors while using scales are avoided


  • Enhanced hygienic design for cleanability

    • Fewer components and an open frame augment accessibility
    • Horizontal surfaces and corners have been eliminated
    • Corrosion-resistant materials used including stainless steel, anodized aluminum, brass
    • Hidden wiring and cables using design-integrated conduits protect them from dirt and damage




Packaging Styles

There are a variety of package styles available to handle numerous packaging needs. These include:

Tray Tray w. Hood Ledge Display Full Wrap


Tray with Inner Hood

Ledge Display Tray

Full Wrap Around


Key Benefits

  • Worker friendly with very low carton magazine, easy access, safe operation and transparency of the packaging process due to large safety doors
  • Easy-to-use with a tool-less format changeover using the Elematic® Click-System and mobile HMI with intuitive operation
  • Machine is easy to clean
  • Superior quality, reliability and robustness with reduced maintenance through high end kinematics and a smooth power unit
  • A lean machine layout with a control cabinet on board provides ideal integration into packaging lines