2012-02-24 Charles Downer & Co. has been selected as the vendor of choice for customers in the Granola, Rice Cake, Chocolate and Nutraceutical bars industries

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada - Jeff Downer, President of Charles Downer & Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce the sale of a large number of food related packaging systems utilizing Bosch SigPack Systems’ New TTM Toploader and Bosch SigPack Systems’ New HRM Wrapper. These systems will be used in the bakery, confectionary, organic bar and neutraceutical industries.

With a complete high speed granola and rice bar system already installed, delivery of the other systems are expected throughout the remaining calendar year. All systems feature the "New Concept Bar Line" that was recently shown at interpack 2011. For more information on this technology, please see the SigPack TTM webpage and the Bosch Packaging website.

Jeff would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers, the team at Bosch SigPack Systems, his network and, the team at the office in Richmond Hill, Canada who have been crucial to this success.

For more information contact:

Jeff Downer


905 882-2222


About Charles Downer & Co. - Charles Downer & Co. Ltd. (www.cdowner.com) is a leading manufacturers’ representative and engineering systems house integrator specializing in packaging and material handling systems for the confectionary, food and general packaging industries.

About Bosch Packaging Technology - The Bosch division Packaging Technology, based in Waiblingen (Germany), is one of the leading suppliers in the field of packaging technology. In 16 countries worldwide it develops and produces complete systems in packaging and process technology for the pharmaceutical, confectionery and food industries. Customized system solutions complete the service package. Bosch Packaging Technology's sales and service teams operate worldwide. More information at www.boschpackaging.com.